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AS1Pro is a design house from A to Z, including management, design, implementation, verification, qualification, pre-production, and mass productin escort. Our fields are hardware, embedded software, and mechnical drawings.

hardware design in israel, gadjet design

AS1Pro is experianced with a variety of customers and technologies

Our customers were private investors, enterpreneurs, patent holders, local distributers, jint ventures, defense companies, universities, local R&D centers, high-tech companies, corporates, defense forces.

Our technologies were everything with a micro-controller inthe heart of it. Telephony, cellular, motors, magnetic sensors, USB, humidity sensors, GPS, GPRS, Wi-Fi, LEDs, accelerometers, magnetometers, thermometers, RTC, RF transmitters and receivers, antennas, batteries, power converters....



As system engineers we intergrate yous SW, HW, FW and mechanics

We also integrate purchasing, stocks, production, testing, import and export, technical writing, QA, field implementation, field support, invoicing, pre-sale.

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